Mikrowelle freistehend, Kombi-Mikrowellenherd, 28 l, 900 W, drehend, Touchscreen, schwarz – Samsung MC28M6055CK freistehende Kombi-Mikrowelle, 28 l, 900 W, Schwarz

Samsung MC28M6055CK - Tiefe: 463 mm. Höhe: 310 mm. Gewicht: 17, 9 kg. Kochprogramme: Pizza. Samsung mc28m6055ck. Anschlussleistung: 2900 W. Aufstelltyp: freistehend. Produkttyp: Kombi-Mikrowellenherd. Fassungsvermögen: 28 l.

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Caffè Borbone 100 Nespresso Kompatible Kapseln Espresso Schwarz Blend Kaffeekapseln

Caffè Borbone REBNERA100N - 100er-Pack. Caffè borbone black blend is the right mix for palates who prefer to appreciate its aroma, even the creamy coffee in the cup. Nespresso is a registered name ?Societe Des produits Nestle S. A the compatibility of these capsules are for the functional use with Nespresso machines, and does not replace the use of the original capsules produced by Societe des Produits Nestle Schwarze Mischung.

Kompatibel mit Nespresso. What makes the mixture for excellent taste, 00 0, 18/each 100 capsules ? 17, such as citiz, essenza, aroma and creamy contribute both the balanced mix between the proportion of Robusta and both the perfect roasting level and the right period of maturation Available Sizes: 50 Capsules ? 9, 17/each Nespresso* compatible system Coffee capsules Borbone REspresso have been made specifically to work on the Nespresso* coffee machines, 00 0, Inissia, Pixie and U.

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